Monday, August 24, 2009

Introducing "Eternal"

When I finish a bead it is like a moment caught in time. All the excitement, focus, time and energy along with the idea and inspiration for the bead(s) are captured in the bead. You see there is a lot more put into a bead than just glass. If you are an artist of any medium, be it jewelry or painting, you know that the first thing needed is inspiration. Once you find that then comes the idea. Now as for myself there is much planning before I sit down to the torch. I first figure out the different glasses that I would like to use, then comes the design of the bead. This can be really tricky with all the different color choices and the reactions of the glasses. Then comes the torch. Now even though I have a design pictured fresh in my mind, that is subject to change. It is very rare that, with all art forms, your final product is exactly what you planned for. That is what makes it art, the ability to improvise! After a great deal of blood sweat and tears, the finished product is an embodiment of all that it took to make it.
This is where "Eternal" comes in. As my latest line of beads, I have captured these moments, for all eternity. Each is named after what it was inspired by. For example,
"Eternal Ocean"

With this beautiful focal I have used a combination of blue and dichroic glass to capture the colors of the glistening night sea. I have the framed it with layers of silver and soft glasses. However, the ocean has depth and dimension created by waves, and my bead needs that to be complete! By carefully twisting areas of the surface of the bead, I think I've done just that!
Here are a couple more from this new line:
"Eternal Flame"

"Eternal Rubies"

Get these and others in the "Eternal" line in my online shop by clicking on the Artfire link at the top right of this page.

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  1. Lovely Lovely beads! Hang in there and please keep torching- your flame work is complete eye candy:)